Immersive storytelling is at the heart of all our work but we do not restrict ourselves to traditional mediums. Adapting film content for theatre, education and user-led creative projects enables us to find new ways of exploring narratives and reaching different audiences.

The Stranger on the Bridge - The Play

Written by Katie Hims
Directed by Lizzie Minnion

This stranger-than-fiction true life story is a moving and thoughtful portrayal of one man’s determination to find the Good Samaritan who changed his life.

On a cold January morning in 2008, 21 year old Jonny Benjamin went to Waterloo Bridge to take his life. Balanced on the edge of the railings, a stranger stopped and talked him out of jumping in an act of kindness that was to change both their lives forever.

The Stranger on the Bridge is a poignant account of what led Jonny to the bridge that day and the astonishing events six years later when he decided to track down the Good Samaritan to say thanks.


A heart-warming, inspirational and deeply moving production, this is an account of what it is to struggle with mental illness but also how redemption can be found in the darkest and unlikeliest of moments.


ThinkWell is a dynamic and thought-provoking interactive workshop that uses film content to empower people to discuss and reflect on the subject of mental health.


Integrating clips from our documentary The Stranger on the Bridge with kinaesthetic activities and discussion groups the workshops led by trained Facilitators provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to explore how to look after their own - and others' - wellbeing.


ThinkWell is an intelligent cross-platform use of documentary material that can engage new audiences and build wider and more diverse impact. Since it was developed it has been delivered to thousands of participants in schools, educational institutions, charities, workplaces and even Kensington Palace.